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About Blanchechou

Different phases of a women's life like marriage, child birth and child rearing are milestones which change her in someway.

Blanchechou is a web magazine which supports such a self-dependent women, who defines her own way of living life and can be a inspiration to many. We interview and publish article's of women active in various fields, their lifestyle's. We also organize various event and workshop associated with women.

By the means of Blanchechou, we offer our support to the women who are gracefully surving the challenges of this era and many more coming years. Blanchechou editing unit is based in Yokohama City, kanagawa district. We will continue to provide information about the unique and famous spots of Yokohama.

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To contact Blanchechou please send a mail from mail form.

earth & Y LLC

Postal code 221-0802
Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-ku,Rokkakubashi 1-17-31

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